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High Performance Liquid Cold Plate

HydroTrak liquid cold plates deliver up to 3 times the cooling capabilities of traditional liquid cold plates and offers highly efficient, reliable, and predictable cooling that optimizes component performance and protects valuable electronic systems. The HydroTraks are designed for applications where enhanced performance over standard cold plates is needed.

The Hydrotrak’s proprietary technology provides a custom tube profile that increases cooling surface area and heat conduction angles, which significantly improves heat transfer dynamics. And HydroTrak plates can be optimized to offer highly focused cooling on high heat areas and can have parallel cooling paths to maintain thermal performance and fluid pressure. HydroTrak cold plates are perfectly suited for high power resistors, IGBTs, SCRs diodes and many other high-power density applications.

Hydrotrak’s come in standard three, four, and six-inch widths and lengths up to twenty inches. However, the HydroTrak technology can easily be configured for custom applications and much larger cooling surface areas. Industry applications are Solar, Energy Storage, Transportation, Electric vehicle, Photonics, LED, Military, Industrial power supply cooling, and more.

HydroTrak Benefits

  • Delivers thermal performance up to three times that of standard liquid cold plates
  • Isolated cooling delivers highest performance cooling where you need it
  • Cools on both sides and easily adaptable for Series or Parallel fluid tracks
  • Flexible and adaptable design allows for larger customized configurations
  • Accommodates all current IGBT and rectifier sizes
  • Exceptional thermal capabilities allows for optimized device performance without failure
  • Solid Price / Performance ratio

If you’d like to learn how HydroTrak cold plates can deliver a thermal solution for you please let us know your application variables and let our engineers propose a solution that is right for you.
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