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custom fittings on liquid cold plates


D6 can add standard or custom fittings to your cold plate. Sweated solder or brazed options are available. Complete pressure test and certification can be done to your specification




Threaded Inserts


Threaded Inserts assembly is performed in house with both Manual assembly tooling and pneumatic inserting equipment. With custom heatsinks that require just a few inserts to some that require hundreds per assembly, D6 maintains all the standard tooling to accomplish any threaded insert installation required.





Hardware installation is also available from D6. PEM inserts, dowel pin, studs, etc. are commonly required in the custom cold plates and heatsinks that we provide for our customers.







Finish plating can be performed on most all D6 products. Depending on the design, we can offer finishes from Chromate to Anodize and many in between.
** Because many liquid cold plates contain both copper and aluminum. Some finishes may not be available.

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