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Fan Cooled Assemblies


custom air cooled assemblies

Customers who require forced air cooling heatsinks can take advantage of the value-added assembly that D6 offers.  From standard assemblies to custom assemblies, D6 can supply a  complete assembly for the customer saving them time and effort.




Heat Exchanger Assemblies


HydroBlok-design-with-embedded-Heat-ExchangerMany customers will design a liquid cooled assembly that requires a liquid to air heat exchanger in the system design. While most engineers use a standard heat exchanger, some designs will require a custom heat exchanger design incorporated into the liquid cold plate design.

D6 has design and manufacturing experience that allows us to offer this to our customers for a full solution




Load Bank Assemblies


25KW-load-bankOur engineering and manufacturing team have years of experience designing and building resistive load assemblies. As a strong value-added offering for our customers, D6 can assist or lead in the complete resistive load designs.

D6 has been adding this value for customers that are designing liquid or air cooled resistive loads for testing.

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