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Our Statement

D6 is a TEAM.  A TEAM of entrepreneurs, inventors and manufacturing employees with like goals.

As a TEAM,  we strive to build the highest quality products. We work hard to maintain the highest level of honor while doing so.

We partner with our customers to show them they gain a TEAM when they choose us. We push to earn trust from our customer.  While it is always our primary goal to achieve 100% quality, delivery, and communication, we know it is not always possible.

As a TEAM, we will not be satisfied until we understand where we missed and how to correct it so we are a better TEAM for you.                     

Thank you for wanting to know a little more about D6 Industries.

Our  History

D6 Industries was founded in February of 1996, with a goal to become one of the premier high-performance custom heatsink and liquid cold plate manufacturers in the world.

While D6 has a wide array of standard bonded fin heatsinks and liquid cold plates, we offer complete thermal design assistance on custom liquid cold plates.

Our founder, Elmer Jones, has been involved in the thermal design and engineering for power electronics for many years.

We continually invest resources into technology and manufacturing advancements for liquid cooling of high power devices. Our product lines are used for cooling high power RF amplifiers, high power resistors, IGBT, rectifiers, diodes, FETS, LEDs, etc..

Through great communication with our customers, we have maintained a good pulse on the power density requirements, helping us release newer and higher performance products that are helping customers with today’s higher power density demands. 



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